Membership T&Cs

Code of conduct

  1. Inspiration aims to create a safe and positive environment for all its members. In order to do this, we must ensure acceptable standards of behaviour from our members.
  2. All members should adhere to times and guidelines set by Inspiration
  3. All members should respond to the leadership of the director and official staff members.
  4. Members should be co-operative with both staff and fellow members, and uphold an equal-opportunity environment. Any negative behaviour towards others, the director or to the rehearsal and performance environment will lead to cancellation of membership. In this case, membership payment will not be refunded.
  5. Members should understand clearly that Inspiration cannot be held financially responsible for damage caused by misconduct.


  1. Inspiration reserves the right to stop admission of any member who does not fulfil the requirements or who is deemed to be joining Inspiration to abuse their membership to access the intellectual property or brand owned by Inspiration.
  2. Inspiration rehearsals run in term time only over 3 academic terms a year. Inspiration reserves the right to alter the schedule of rehearsals to fit in with performances and other events that may be taking place.
  3. Membership costs may vary each academic term and members will be notified of any change beforehand.
  4. Refunds are at the sole discretion of Inspiration depending on the circumstances
  5. In making an application, members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake the vocal and physical demands of Inspiration. If an individual has any doubts, these should be indicated to Inspiration prior to their application.
  6. Photographs and film footage may be taken of all the members and used for advertising and marketing purposes in relation to Inspiration.

Health and safety

  1. Inspiration is not responsible for damage to person or personal belongings whilst attending rehearsals and performances or before and after rehearsals and performances.
  2. Inspiration members are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending all rehearsals and performances.
  3. Travel arrangements are to be made by each member to rehearsals and performances.

Members’ forum

While we have created the forum for members to air views about anything to do with Inspiration or Scherzo, we do not want to see comments/threads that may offend others because they are offensive, objectionable or infringe copyright. Inspiration therefore may edit or remove content from the forum at their discretion at any time

Data protection

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Inspiration reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

Membership terms and conditions