Inspiration on tour: Vienna and Salzburg

30 November – 5 December 2017

We’re almost ready for the off! Singers from all our Inspiration families, including our small community choir Scherzo, came together for a rehearsal up north and it is fair to say the excitement in the room was palpable.

This is the latest of our Inspiration tours abroad which have previously taken in such thrilling experiences as singing at Disneyland Paris on the Castle Stage, on a Bateau Mouche floating down the Seine and let’s not forget our wonderful standing ovation in none other than Carnegie Hall!

“I’m looking forward to my first holiday in four years with the greatest friends you could ask for.”
Lynne, Leeds

“Visiting some iconic, historic buildings and performing in them! I just know it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience which will stay with me for ever.”
Barbara, Scherzo

This time we are singing in two wonderful Cathedrals and on outdoor stages at the numerous Christmas markets in both cities. What a wonderful introduction to the festive season and of course we are hoping for a sprinkling of snow too.

“We’re looking forward to ‘snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes’ and ‘silver white Winters that melt into Spring’… and a few nice meals and drinks of course!”
Wendy and Debbie, Newcastle

Our tours are all about the singing and the friendships that are made on tour between singers who have never met each other but who come together in this common cause.

“We’re looking forward to meeting up with everyone.”
Katrina and Diana, Southampton
Inspirationers really do think of ourselves as one big happy family, especially when we go on tour. Comments such as these sum up the feeling perfectly:

“I’m really looking forward to singing in St. Stephen’s and Salzburg cathedrals and sharing the whole experience with all branches of the Inspiration family.”
Lesley, Leeds

“I am really looking forward to visiting two beautiful cities and surrounding countryside and singing and having fun with my Inspiration family.”
Ki, Newcastle

Of course singing is the priority but there are plenty of other things to look forward to:

“I am looking forward to singing in the city of Johan Strauss and riding on the giant ferris wheel.”
Sue, Newcastle

Now if you are going for a trip on the ferris wheel, count me in please!

We are lucky that this is a two centre tour. Not only do we get to sing in wonderful venues in Vienna, we also get to do this in Salzburg too. As one of the singers said:

“I’m really looking forward to travelling between cities on the coach in Austria! Mundane? Uninspired? No! It affords the opportunity to see stunning landscapes that we might otherwise have missed. So excited!”
Helen, Newcastle

Wherever Inspirationers gather, apart from singing, the other topic of conversation is very often food and drink.

“I’m looking forward to singing, sightseeing, friendships and gluhwein!”
Becky, Newcastle

“I’m looking forward to tasting authentic Sachertorte.”
Linda, Newcastle

Nothing more to say then. We’ll report back in the spring but until then, safe trip everyone, see you in Vienna. Gluhwein? Don’t mind if I do.

Vienna Rehearsal Vienna at Christmas St Stephen’s, Vienna Salzburg at Christmas