How Inspiration works

The heart of Inspiration is our main concert at the end of each term. To prepare for this we rehearse one evening a week (sometimes with a few extras as we get nearer to the concert). Rehearsals are great fun, with a very friendly atmosphere, but we do work hard. Every rehearsal begins with a substantial warmup, which is essential to the development of your voice and the choir as a whole. We do cover the technical aspects of singing but in a light-hearted way that makes the warmups fun and easily accessible.
A performance fee is payable at the beginning of each term. There are no auditions to join Inspiration or Scherzo, and anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to apply. You don’t need to be able to read music as we learn everything by listening, and your subscription (payable each term) includes a rehearsal CD that has your part on it, so you can learn at home as well. The subscription also includes your printed music for that term (which is yours to keep after the concert) and eligibility for any of the extra events (charity concerts, school choir workshops, award ceremonies for example) that occur in that term.
If you feel the urge to indulge your inner diva (yes, tenors and basses as well) then we do hold auditions for solo spots and smaller choral groups (ensembles). Details of these are given out at the beginning of each term, as the number of solos/ensembles differs from term to term, depending on the concert programme.
All in all, what we aim to do is have fun with our singing. There is nothing more personal than the human voice, and we celebrate that. 

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